American College Tuition Fees

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What are tuition fees like at US colleges and universities?

US colleges and universities charge high tuition fees by international standards. The average tuition fee at a good university is around USD $20,500 per year for international students.

It should also be remembered that US bachelor-degree courses typically run for 4 years. This adds an extra year of study compared to similar degrees in many other countries.

Indicative tuition fees for international students

University Annual fee*
Michigan Technological University $16,368
Northeastern University $22,310
University of Arkansas Fayetteville $22,880
Average $20,519
* Bachelor of Business (or equivalent) — Updated: 7 March 2016

Fee variation in the USA

Fee structures are flat at most American education institutions.

  • Often, there is a standard tuition fee that applies to most international students at the university or college.
  • Variation between courses is smaller than in other countries, which is good for students studying science and engineering subjects for example.