Dr  Andrew Lancaster in office

Bio of Dr Andrew Lancaster, founder of Unicurve.

Born in Papua New Guinea, Dr Andrew Lancaster's early life began amidst geopolitical changes. When Papua New Guinea celebrated its independence, the Lancaster family relocated to Devonport, Tasmania. Andrew was then four years old. His father, Peter Lancaster, had been a patrol officer in PNG, and they decided it was time to return to Australia.

Academic Pathway
In Tasmania, Andrew's academic journey began. He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from the University of Tasmania. Not stopping there, he later enrolled at The Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. There, he achieved a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics. His ties with ANU deepened as he became an Economics Tutor. Through his academic years, a constant was his love for AFL.

Public Service and Career Highlights
Andrew started his career as an Economist at the Department of Agriculture before lating moving to the Department of Finance. His dedication and skills quickly made him an asset. He took on the role of Director at the Department of Industry. In this role, he developed policies, led teams, and oversaw major projects. A notable stint followed as a Policy Strategist at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. He was deeply involved in the "Australia in the Asian Century" project. He won Australia Day awards for leadership and policy impact.

Unicurve and Lerna Courses
2013 was pivotal for Andrew. He saw an opportunity in the education sector and launched Unicurve. The mission was clear: guide students in their educational choices. This vision birthed Lerna Courses, addressing the need for reliable online course information. But Unicurve's innovations didn't stop at education. With timtab.com, Andrew introduced an AI platform for co-parents. This tool assists in crafting parenting plans and custody schedules.

Philosophy and Leadership
Andrew's leadership in Unicurve is deeply rooted in the belief of making informed choices. With a blend of policy strategy experience and academic insights, he brings a unique approach. This philosophy is evident in Unicurve's offerings. The company is dedicated to providing impactful resources for students and parents.

Skills and Acknowledgements
Throughout his journey, Andrew's skills in strategic planning and business strategy haven't gone unnoticed. He's been endorsed by many colleagues for his expertise. Under his vision, Unicurve continues to shape the education and tech landscape in Australia.

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