Study and Work in Australia

Can international students work in Australia? Student visa holders in Australia are able to work up to 40 hours per fortnight, starting from course commencement. Australia is very supportive of student work compared to other countries. Work entitlements come automatically with … Read More

Study and Work in New Zealand

How can international students work in New Zealand? Student visa holders in New Zealand are usually able to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year. NZ has similar arrangements to Australia, though it may be harder to … Read More

Cost of Living in Australia

How much does it cost to live and study in Australia? Australia is one of the more expensive study destinations. Living cost indicators tend to be on the high side compared to similar countries. For example, the indicative student residential fee is AUD $14,000 … Read More

Cost of Living in New Zealand

How much does it cost to live in NZ as an international student? Living in New Zealand as in international student costs roughly the same as similar countries, such as Australia and Canada. You need to demonstrate access to funds of NZD … Read More

University Tuition Fees in Australia

What are tuition fees like at Australian universities? Australia’s tuition fees are quite high compared to other countries. The indicative fee for international students is AUD $26,400 per year. Indicative tuition fees for international students * Bachelor of Business (or equivalent)  —  Updated: … Read More

University Tuition Fees in New Zealand

What are tuition fees like at New Zealand universities? Tuition fees for international students in New Zealand are affordable compared to other countries. The typical annual fee for a university degree is around NZD $25,600. Indicative tuition fees for international students … Read More

International Student Visa for Australia

To study abroad in Australia, you need a student visa (unless you are from NZ). Visas are quite easy to get after an Australian uni or college has accepted you into a course. Australia has less red tape than some other countries. There is … Read More

New Zealand Student Visas

You can apply for a student visa after enrolling full-time with a New Zealand university or other education institution (such as a technology institute or polytechnic). New Zealand has a paper-based system in which you send documents by mail and interviews are … Read More

How to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a welcoming study destination for international students. New Zealand has a small population and is a long way from most places except Australia. But it has a strong education system. It also encourages international students to study … Read More

How to Study Abroad in Australia

Want to know how to study abroad in Australia? As we’ll explain, it’s actually quite easy. International students in Australia Australia is a popular study destination and welcomes student visitors. Australia is the 3rd biggest recipient of international students (after the … Read More

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