Study and Work in Canada

Can international students work in Canada? As a study permit holder in Canada, you may be able to work up to 20 hours per week off campus. But you need to get a work permit after arriving in Canada. Countries such as Australia … Read More

Study and Work in America

Can international students in America do paid work? International students at US universities and colleges can only work under limited circumstances. Other countries offer better opportunities for part-time student work. Only an F1 visa holder is eligible to work while studying. An … Read More

Cost of Living in Canada

How much does it cost an international student to live in Canada? Living costs in Canada are on the low side among English-speaking countries. Canada sets a low funds requirement for a study permit. You just need to demonstrate access to CAD … Read More

Cost of Living in the USA

What is the cost of living in America for international students? The USA is an expensive study destination by world standards. Campus residential fees are generally > $10,000 per year. Colleges and universities estimate total living costs at around $12,500 (for the … Read More

University Tuition Fees in Canada

What are tuition fees like at Canadian universities? Canada’s indicative tuition fee for first-year international students is CAD $15,600 per year, which affordable by global standards. Indicative tuition fees for international students * Bachelor of Business (or equivalent) — Updated: … Read More

American College Tuition Fees

What are tuition fees like at US colleges and universities? US colleges and universities charge high tuition fees by international standards. The average tuition fee at a good university is around USD $20,500 per year for international students. It should also be remembered … Read More

Canada Study Permit

The visa arrangements for studying in Canada make it a risky choice compared to other English-speaking destinations. The approval process often takes many months and you are generally required to post original documents. On top of that, visa officials will … Read More

USA Student Visas

Getting a student visa to study in the United States is somewhat difficult but can be done. Hundreds of thousands of international students receive US student visas each year, most without needing the help of an agent. We show you … Read More

Study Abroad in the USA

The United States is the biggest study destination for international students. It has a huge number of colleges and universities. These include many of the top 100 universities in the world. The USA offers incredible choices in terms of where … Read More

How to Study Abroad in Canada

Canada is a popular place to study for international students. It can be a cheaper option to studying in the US. Canada is an open, diverse country and has some French-speaking provinces. Finances The financial demands for studying in Canada are reasonably modest. For a … Read More