How to Study in New Zealand

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New Zealand is a welcoming study destination for international students. New Zealand has a small population and is a long way from most places except Australia. But it has a strong education system. It also encourages international students to study and work in New Zealand.

Financial Requirements

The financial requirements for studying abroad in New Zealand are low compared to other countries. For a start, university tuition fees are relatively cheap in NZ, averaging less than $20,000 (USD) per year.

To gain a student visa, you need to demonstrate you have enough money to cover living costs. In New Zealand, the amount is set to around $12,000, which is low compared to most other countries.

The cost of university residential accommodation is also low. Expect to pay only about $10,000 for the academic year to live on (or within walking distance) of the campus.

Enrolling in a University or Institute

To study abroad in New Zealand, you can apply directly to study with a university, technology institute or polytechnic. New Zealand has 8 universities to choose from.

Student Visas

The procedures for obtaining a student visa for New Zealand are quite streamlined. It is largely a paper-based system. You mail certified copies of documents (and some original documents). Interviews are generally not required. You can apply for a student visa after being admitted to an approved course of study.

Working in New Zealand

While studying in New Zealand, your student visa allows you to work for up to 20 hours per week (and more in the academic holidays). There are a range of skilled worker visas for international students to stay in New Zealand after graduating.