Established in 2013 in Canberra, Lerna Courses has consistently been at the forefront of online postgraduate education in Australia. The platform has been visited by millions of students over the years from countries around the world, and we've responded to hundreds of thousands of individual course enquiries.

Originally known as "Online Study Australia," it underwent a rebrand in 2021, solidifying its position as the premier resource for postgraduate study options offered by Australian universities.

Student Services

While presenting course options is a valuable service in itself, Lerna Courses goes steps further to ensure students are making truly well informed choices. The platform also examines the career paths and potential value from a given degree or postgraduate qualification. Our aim is to provide the context needed to make sound investments in education.

Course listings

Lerna Courses provides a large database of postgraduate courses. Students can easily sift through a wide range of study areas, including business, technology, health, and the arts, among others. Every listed course comes with detailed information, ensuring students have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Program comparisons

To aid in the decision-making process, Lerna Courses offers a unique course comparison feature. This allows prospective students to juxtapose different programs side by side, examining aspects such as duration, fees, subjects offered, and more.

Career insights

Lerna Courses goes beyond just listing programs. It provides valuable career insights, ensuring students understand the potential job opportunities and career paths that could arise from their chosen course. These insights are not generic but are tailored to the specific courses listed, giving students a clear pathway from study to employment.


Financial assistance is often a critical factor for students, and Lerna Courses addresses this need head-on. Over the years, the platform has presented a range of scholarships, including the notable Study Abroad Award. These scholarships, often provided as cash prizes for essay competitions, highlight Lerna's commitment to supporting students both academically and financially.

University partnerships

Lerna Courses boasts partnerships with over a dozen Australian universities. This collaborative approach ensures that students have access to a diverse range of courses from institutions such as UNSW, UTS, Edith Cowan University, James Cook University, RMIT University, and many others. These partnerships not only enrich the course offerings but also ensure that students receive a high-quality education that is recognised nationally and globally.

A Legacy of Excellence

Guided by the vision of Dr Andrew Lancaster, a former public servant with a PhD in Economics from ANU, Lerna Courses has consistently delivered on its promise of providing top-tier advice and information to its users. The platform's dedication to excellence, combined with its rich array of student services, makes it an indispensable resource for anyone considering postgraduate study in Australia.