How to Write a CV or Resume


A good CV or resume is essential when competing for a job. We’ll show you how to write an effective resume and application cover letter. Guide to resume writing Our guide will help you write a resume that is: You can … Read More

Contact Section (CV or Resume)


The contact section is a simple but visually important part of your CV or resume. It is the first thing recruiters see and will be looked at more than any other part. Name Your name provides the document title and so should stand out. … Read More

Education Section (CV or Resume)

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Education is often the make-or-break section of a CV or resume. You need a good one to get an interview for a professional or skilled position, especially if you are a recent graduate. For jobs requiring a degree but little … Read More

Experience Section (CV or Resume)


The experience section is an opportunity to pitch your case. The aim is to show that you are meant to have the job in some way – your experiences and proven abilities align well with the position description. Recruiters are … Read More

Cover Letter (CV or Resume)


The cover letter for a CV or resume is usually the most conversational element of an application. It may be used by recruiters to assess personality. It presents an opportunity to make a good impression. If done well, recruiters will start … Read More