Contact Section (CV or Resume)

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Start strong and professional

The contact section is a simple but visually important part of your CV or resume. It is the first thing recruiters see and will be looked at more than any other part.


Your name provides the document title and so should stand out. This can be done using a larger font, bold and/or capitals.

  • Make it stand out but not so much that its sheer size becomes a distraction to readers.
  • Underlining is unnecessary since contact details naturally separate your name from the next heading.

Contact details

Standard contact information consists of a professional email address, business-hours phone number and mailing address.

They should be in a small but readable font and placed under your name.

LinkedIn profile or personal website

You can also include a link to your LinkedIn or own-website profile.

  • Only do this if your profile looks good and includes references.
  • Be aware that recruiters may be able to find your profile even if you don't provide a link.