Study in Asia

Asia and the Pacific is the fastest growing region for studying abroad. It is a global hub not just for business and travel, but education as well. China, Australia, Japan and India are among the world’s top destinations for international … Read More

Experience Study Abroad in India

Studying in India throws you into a vibrant and busy culture. India is the 2nd most populous country on Earth and has a fast growing economy. It is a cheap study destination where you learn more than just academics. Most international … Read More

Experience Study Abroad in Japan

Studying in Japan gives you the opportunity to learn about a modern, innovative society. It can be a path to living in Japan or just a way to enhance your overall education experience. Japan is something of a mono-culture in … Read More

Experience Study Abroad in China

Studying in China immerses you in a unique culture and is the best way to develop Chinese language skills. The value of a Chinese education is growing in step with the country’s powerhouse economy. China is a booming international student … Read More

Best Places to Study in Australia

Where is the best place to study abroad in Australia? While it depends on your preferences, some places seem more attractive than others. Here we identify top choices for the best places to study in Australia. Studying in Australia Australia is one … Read More

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