International Student Visa for Australia

To study abroad in Australia, you need a student visa (unless you are from NZ). Visas are quite easy to get after an Australian uni or college has accepted you into a course. Australia has less red tape than some other countries. There is … Read More

Canada Study Permit

The visa arrangements for studying in Canada make it a risky choice compared to other English-speaking destinations. The approval process often takes many months and you are generally required to post original documents. On top of that, visa officials will … Read More

New Zealand Student Visas

You can apply for a student visa after enrolling full-time with a New Zealand university or other education institution (such as a technology institute or polytechnic). New Zealand has a paper-based system in which you send documents by mail and interviews are … Read More

UK Student Visas

Getting a visa to study in the UK is not difficult but requires care. The rules vary by country of origin and there are many minor provisions to handle different circumstances. The procedures are broadly similar to other countries but make … Read More

USA Student Visas

Getting a student visa to study in the United States is somewhat difficult but can be done. Hundreds of thousands of international students receive US student visas each year, most without needing the help of an agent. We show you … Read More

Study Abroad in the USA

The United States is the biggest study destination for international students. It has a huge number of colleges and universities. These include many of the top 100 universities in the world. The USA offers incredible choices in terms of where … Read More

How to Study in the UK

The United Kingdom is the 2nd biggest study destination for international students. UK universities are in high demand because of a reputation for quality. Financial Requirements Study abroad in the UK is good value by international standards. Tuition fees charged by … Read More

How to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a welcoming study destination for international students. New Zealand has a small population and is a long way from most places except Australia. But it has a strong education system. It also encourages international students to study … Read More

How to Study Abroad in Canada

Canada is a popular place to study for international students. It can be a cheaper option to studying in the US. Canada is an open, diverse country and has some French-speaking provinces. Finances The financial demands for studying in Canada are reasonably modest. For a … Read More

How to Study Abroad in Australia

Want to know how to study abroad in Australia? As we’ll explain, it’s actually quite easy. International students in Australia Australia is a popular study destination and welcomes student visitors. Australia is the 3rd biggest recipient of international students (after the … Read More

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