Study and Work in the UK

International student working in the UK after graduating.

Can international students work in the UK?

You are allowed to work in the UK if you are on a course with (i) a UK higher education institution or (ii) a publicly funded further education college.

International students participating in a higher education course can work up to 20 hours per week during term time, which is a similar arrangement to other countries (e.g. Australian and NZ).

  • You must be participating in a course at or above NQF 6/QCF 6/SCQF 9 (which typically means a Bachelors degree program or higher) at a UK university.

If you are participating in a lower level course at a UK higher education institution, you are allowed to work for up to 10 hours per week during term time.

All students who are eligible to work can be employed full-time during vacations and also do a work placement as part of a course.

Working in the UK after graduating

International student working in the UK after graduating.International graduates in the UK can apply for work visas under various categories if they have a job offer.

The UK also allows PhD and MBA graduates to stay on for up to a year after studying.

  • Under the Tier 4 Doctorate Extension scheme, international students completing a PhD are allowed to remain for one year to find work or set up a business.
  • The Graduate Entrepreneur Programme allows up to 1,000 international graduates with a masters degrees in business administration to stay on in Britain to work for 12 months after they finish their course.