Cost of Living in Canada

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How much does it cost an international student to live in Canada?

Living costs in Canada are on the low side among English-speaking countries.

  • Canada sets a low funds requirement for a study permit. You just need to demonstrate access to CAD $10,000 to cover living expenses.
  • Cost indicators also compare well against other countries. A university residential package costs students around $11,000 per year.

Indicative on-campus accommodation costs

University Annual fee*
Memorial University of Newfoundland $8,570
Ryerson University $13,763
University of New Brunswick $10,935
Average $11,089
* Room for academic year (with meal plan)  —  Updated: 7 March 2016

Wages in Canada

The minimum wage in Canada – which is an indicator of costs of basic services – is around $20,000 in annual terms. Students can apply for a work permit to access the local job market.