How to Study Abroad in Canada

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Canada is a popular place to study for international students.

  • It can be a cheaper option to studying in the US.
  • Canada is an open, diverse country and has some French-speaking provinces.


The financial demands for studying in Canada are reasonably modest. For a year of study, you only need to demonstrates access to around $10,000 (USD) in funds to cover living costs. Tuition fees for international students are normally less than $20,000 per year.

Student Visas and Permits

The visa and permit arrangements for studying in Canada are more complex than they need to be but are manageable.

  • You need to apply for a study permit by sending appropriate documents to Canadian immigration authorities.
  • You may be waiting for a response for some months.

The study permit only lasts for 6 months at most. However, you will be issued with a temporary resident visa (student category) upon arriving in Canada. This allows you to stay longer.

Enrolling in a University or College

University students walking among maple trees in Canada.

As with all countries, the procedure for studying abroad starts by enrolling in an education institution.

Canada has many universities and other education providers to choose from.

  • The location is important since Canada varies geographically and culturally.
  • Each education institution sets its own requirements.
  • The grades you need to be accepted also vary by course.