Cost of Living in the USA

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What is the cost of living in America for international students?

The USA is an expensive study destination by world standards.

  • Campus residential fees are generally > $10,000 per year.
  • Colleges and universities estimate total living costs at around $12,500 (for the purpose of setting parameters for student visas and study aid).

Indicative on-campus accommodation costs

University Annual fee*
Michigan Technological University $15,444
Northeastern University $9,160
University of Arkansas Fayetteville $10,906
Average $11,837
* Room for academic year (with meal plan)  —  Updated: 7 March 2016

Wages in the USA

Services in the US are often quite cheap, including for things such as cleaning and taxi driving. Workers are often paid little since the USA has a low minimum wage of around $15,000. Low-pay jobs are supported by customary tipping.

Unfortunately for international students, access to the local job market is limited. Essentially you are only able to do on-campus work.